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Potential leukaemia treatment found in eye drops

Researchers have identified an active ingredient in an eye drop currently under development that has the potential to kill leukaemia cells without harming blood cells. Read more »
Professor Robert MacLaren performs gene therapy treatment on a patient with choroideremia. Image courtesy of John Hopkins University

Gene therapy for incurable disease improves vision after 5 years

Choroideremia patients have gained or maintained vision five years after participating in the first gene therapy trial for the previously untreatable blinding condition. Read more »

Novartis’ brolucizumab superior to aflibercept in neovascular AMD patients, study suggests

New trials have supported claims that brolucizumab is more effective than aflibercept in treating patients with neovascular age-related macular degeneration (nAMD). Read more »
Contact lenses are a potential alternative to delivering drugs

Colour-changing CL to aid drug delivery into eye

Chinese scientists have engineered drug-delivering contact lenses that change colour to report exactly how much medicine has been released to the eye. Read more »
The key to the molecular switch was the ebb and flow of the thyroid hormone

Retinas grown in lab to study colour vision

Biologists at Johns Hopkins University have grown retinas from scratch to determine how cells form to allow human colour vision. Read more »

Ophthalmology updates! 2018

Ophthalmology Updates! has returned, with its unique combination of practical refreshers and pioneering ‘frontier’ topics. LEWIS WILLIAMS’ special two-part report delves into both aspects of the presentations delivered at this year’s iteration of the growing conference. Read more »

Urine dipstick test detects cause of disease that blinds millions

Scripps Research Institute scientists have developed a urine test for detecting parasitic worms that cause a blinding disease believed to currently affect up to 120 million people. Read more »

Immune cells drive glaucomatous vision loss

Immune cells developed from early exposure to bacteria contribute to vision loss in glaucoma sufferers, according to a new study into causes of the disease. Read more »
Turmeric reduced retinal cell loss in animal models

Turmeric eye drops could treat glaucoma

Eye drops laced with an extract of the common cooking spice turmeric have shown promise in treating the early stages of glaucoma. Read more »

Research further links Alzheimer's with eye disease

Researchers have discovered a link between degenerative eye conditions, thin retinas and Alzheimer’s disease, in separate studies potentially leading to early diagnoses and new treatments for the brain disorder. Read more »

Five-year AMD treat and extend regimen study suggests it can prevent long-term vision loss

Long-term vision loss from neovascular age-related macular degeneration (nAMD) can be prevented through a treat and extend regimen (TER) of anti-VEGF intravitreal injections, study results have shown. Read more »

AMD drug needs less injections, but causes greater inflammation

Allergan’s age-related macular degeneration (AMD) drug abicipar has demonstrated comparable efficacy to Lucentis (ranibizumab) with fewer injections, but also generated a higher incidence of intraocular inflammations. Read more »


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