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Mix of old and new sees ophthalmology updates! Flourish

A unique formula and talented line-up of presenters has seen Ophthalmology Updates! go from strength-to-strength during its short history. In part two of his special report, LEWIS WILLIAMS delves into presentations that cover diverse topics that range from artificial intelligence, to penetrating eye injuries. Read more »

Hong Kong optical fair continues its upward trajectory

Last month’s Hong Kong Optical Fair attracted thousands of visitors, and showcased the latest optometric equipment and trends. MATTHEW WOODLEY was there to relay the highlights from the world-class event. Read more »

Safeguarding Australia's Workforce

Australia’s ageing population and an increased emphasis on health and safety has intensified the spotlight on the protective prescription eyewear market. MYLES HUME examines the current need for this niche category, as well as the importance of certification and the hi-tech direction of the segment. Read more »

Drilling down into Specsavers’ state of the nation report

Tracking 6.3 million patients, Specsavers’ State of the Nation Report provides an unprecedented examination of eye health across Australasia. MYLES HUME takes a closer inspection to see what it discovered. Read more »

SCC7 entrenches conference’s reputation as a leading event

The Specsavers Clinical Conference continues to expand and attract increased delegate numbers. LEWIS WILLIAMS canvasses the highlights from what was a diverse and extensive program. Read more »

The Sydney Eye Hospital Alumni Association 12th biennial meeting

Some of Australia’s leading ophthalmologists convened at Sydney Eye Hospital earlier this year for its Alumni Association’s 12th biennial meeting. LEWIS WILLIAMS distils some of the fascinating presentations made on the day. Read more »

Inside the intraocular lens

Once almost exclusively restricted to cataract patients, IOLs are becoming an increasingly popular option for different types of patients who want to be as free from glasses as possible. MATTHEW WOODLEY and MYLES HUME examine the state of play in Australia and where the technology is heading. Read more »

Acceleration and inspiration at Provision 2018

A diverse and inspiring speakers line up powered the 2018 conference for Australia’s largest independent buying group, Provision. MATTHEW WOODLEY was in attendance to catalogue proceedings from a fascinating two days. Read more »

Ophthalmology updates! 2018

Ophthalmology Updates! has returned, with its unique combination of practical refreshers and pioneering ‘frontier’ topics. LEWIS WILLIAMS’ special two-part report delves into both aspects of the presentations delivered at this year’s iteration of the growing conference. Read more »

UNSW SOVS Alumni evening: Dry Eye

Earlier this year, UNSW’s School of Optometry and Vision Science (SOVS) held a special dry eye evening for its alumni. LEWIS WILLIAMS was on hand to record the latest updates from some of the world’s foremost dry eye experts. Read more »

The ever-increasing cost of glaucoma

Glaucoma is one of Australia’s most infamous sight threatening conditions, yet despite a mountain of work from researchers and public health advocates, we’re still struggling to contain its inexorable rise. RICHARD CHIU investigates what is being done to fight this silent vision thief and why this work is so important. Read more »

Ivantis' Hydrus microstent receives FDA approval

Ivantis has received FDA approval of the Hydrus microstent, designed to treat patients with mild to moderate primary open-angle glaucoma in conjunction with cataract surgery. Read more »


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