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Sight For All silent on Oscar Wylee charity claims

Australian eye health charity Sight For All has gone silent on its dealings with the optical chain Oscar Wylee, following revelations that several of the retailer’s philanthropic marketing claims had been called into question and refuted. Read more »

Determining minimum lens blank size

Selecting the right lenses is critical to correctly fitting glasses. LEIGH ROBINSON explains how some simple measurements can ensure the right size lens blanks are chosen every time. Read more »

Media links Lasik complications with 11 suicides

US ophthalmologists are attempting to quell fears after a series of media reports linked laser eye surgery complications with the self-inflected death of a prominent TV weather presenter and several other patients. Read more »

European court approves off-label Avastin use for AMD following extended legal battle

The European Court of Justice (ECJ) has ruled the drug Avastin can be used off-label to treat eye disease, thwarting further attempts from competing drug company Novartis to block it from the European market. Read more »

Research finds cannabis compound ‘worsens IOP’

A study has produced conflicting results related to the use of cannabis for treating intraocular pressure amongst glaucoma patients. Read more »

Spread of deadly eye tumour cells stemmed in fish

A new drug that suppresses the spread of tumour cells in zebra fish could pave the way for future treatments of childhood eye cancer. Read more »

First human implanted with new eye pressure sensor

A German medical device developer has implanted its first glaucoma patient with an eye pressure sensor, potentially revolutionising future self-management of the disease. Read more »
Harassment is unacceptable in any form

Discrimination and harassment - Part 1

Workplace discrimination and harassment are ascending to greater levels of media prominence. In this two-part feature, KAREN CROUCH details how sound practices can curb inappropriate behaviour. Read more »
Google Glass

Making smartglasses more than a gimmick

With tech experts tipping smartglasses to be as transformative as smartphones, eyecare leaders say it’s time to wake up to the possibilities for patients and practices. MYLES HUME investigates what the future holds for this revolutionary sector. Read more »

Oscar Wylee's philanthropic claims are called into question; wrongdoing denied

Doubts have surfaced over conflicting and unsubstantiated marketing claims made by Australian optical chain Oscar Wylee related to its philanthropic work. Read more »

Gold Standard program at RANZCO's 50th congress

RANZCO celebrated the golden jubilee year of its Annual Scientific Congress in 2018. LEWIS WILLIAMS details some of the groundbreaking research laid out on the day. Read more »

Putting BEB on the map

Benign essential blepharospasm (BEB) is a focal dystonia: a neurological movement disorder involving involuntary and sustained contractions of the muscles around the eyes. Read more »

Precise Bio opens ophthalmology facility to print eye tissue, including 3D corneas

Biotechnology company Precise Bio has opened an ophthalmology facility to advance its work in printing eye tissue and organs, including corneas. Read more »

Hundreds of new links found between genes and eye disease

Over 250 new links have been made between genes and vision disorders as part of a study on mouse genetics. Read more »

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showing 1 - 15 of 14 results   

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