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Meditation lowered IOP by 25% in most patients

Indian doctors find meditation helps treat glaucoma

Meditation can help lower eye pressure in glaucoma sufferers, according to an Indian study claiming to have revealed the most comprehensive link between the two. Read more »

Novartis and Bayer to fight ‘unlawful’ UK court judgment allowing new AMD treatment

Pharmaceutical giants Novartis and Bayer are fighting a landmark court judgment allowing UK doctors to offer an unlicensed treatment that competes with their products. Read more »

US hospital sued after baby dies following eye exam

The parents of a premature baby who allegedly contracted a fatal virus during an eye examination have sued a US hospital. Read more »

Optometrists question blue light study

The true impact digital blue light exposure has on vision is still up for debate optometry experts have said, despite a recent study claiming it can accelerate blindness. Read more »

UK optometrist banned for sexually harassing patients

A UK optometrist has been banned from the profession after he sexually harassed two patients. Read more »

Million-dollar fraud nets prison term for eyecare provider

An eyecare provider has been sentenced to federal prison after a jury found her guilty of 29 counts of healthcare fraud totalling more than US$1.2 million (AU$1.64 m). Read more »

Controversy over cornea removal

The alleged removal of a man’s cornea without permission has stirred controversy in Egypt and raised ethical questions regarding the removal of organs from a dead body without consent. Read more »
Image Courtesy: The Bohemian Blog

AUS eyewear company sorry for ad filmed at WWII death camp

Valley Eyewear has issued an apology for filming an advertising campaign at a memorial on the site of a World War II-era death camp in Croatia. Read more »

Marchon secures DKNY global licensing agreement

Marchon Eyewear has announced it has secured a long-term exclusive global licensing agreement with G-III Apparel Group to manufacture the DKNY brand starting March 2019. Read more »

Montblanc to partner with Kering Eyewear

Richemont-owned Montblanc will cut ties with Italian eyewear manufacturer Marcolin and partner with Kering Eyewear in a new agreement set to start in January. Read more »

Screening app improves children’s eyecare in Kenya

A school eye health system that uses a screening app that can be conveniently installed in a smartphone has shown promise in improving children’s eyecare in Kenya. Read more »

Safilo seeks €300 million refinancing package amidst increasing cash flow, debt problems

Safilo executives have been actively pursuing discussions with its primary shareholder HAL Holding and bank creditors in an effort to arrange a €300 million (AU$473 m) refinancing package. Read more »


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