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The ultra-thin solar cells are flexible enough to bend around small objects. Image courtesy: <em>Juho Kim et al.</em>

Flexible solar cells could be used in glasses frames

Scientists in South Korea have developed ultra-thin, flexible photovoltaics that could potentially be used on spectacles. Read more »
The pioneering surgery could help penguins who have lost their sight due to old age

Penguin undergoes cataract surgery in US

A US veterinary college has successfully performed pioneering cataract surgery that could improve the quality of life for senior penguins. Read more »
The new generation Orbis Flying Eye Hospital

'Flying hospital' to improve global ophthalmic training

Global non-profit organisation Orbis has unveiled in Los Angeles the latest generation of its 'Flying Eye Hospital', which is said to be the world's only mobile ophthalmic teaching hospital. Read more »


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