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Dr Berkay Ozcelik holding the specially developed hydrogel film

Progress for new corneal disease treatment

A new corneal disease treatment said to be more effective than a corneal transplant is set to progress to human trials next year. Read more »
Dr Joseph Ciolino holding the drug-eluting contact lens

Contact lens effectively delivers glaucoma medication

A new contact lens treatment delivery system could improve outcomes for glaucoma patients who struggle with eye-drop medication. Read more »
A Frankston Hospital emergency doctor testing the eyeConnect device on a patient

Improved emergency department ophthalmic diagnosis

The Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital has unveiled what has been described as a "revolutionary" new ophthalmic diagnostic system. Read more »

Backlash over Medibank's dated cataract surgery comments

Local ophthalmologists have exposed a major health insurer for misrepresenting how the cost of Australian cataract surgery compares to other countries. Read more »
An image of a retina taken with the new handheld probe

Handheld device could improve infant eye knowledge

A newly developed handheld device could potentially allow researchers to collect more detailed information about children's eyes than was previously possible. Read more »


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