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Customer service is easily undervalued

Unshackled customer service

It’s not enough for a business to offer customer service – it should be customer-centric from top down. BARRY URQUHART explores how corporate culture must evolve to put service skills first. Read more »

Giving back in Papau New Guinea

The level of healthcare available to people varies greatly across the world. FAREN WILLETT AND SHANDELL WISHART recently experienced how different eyecare in Papua New Guinea can be. Read more »
Kids are best served by specially-designed frames, rather than smaller adult frames

Dispensing to kids at their level - Part 2

Dispensing glasses to children is a very different experience compared to adults. In part two of a series, CHEDY KALACH looks at what makes a good children’s frame and how to fit the completed glasses. Read more »

UNSW recognises high standards

At the School of Optometry and Vision Science’s annual prize giving ceremony, the school’s top graduates were recognised for their excellence. LEWIS WILLIAMS details the event’s proceedings. Read more »

Marking the end of an era in optical repair

Across the ophthalmic sector there are many people who contribute an extraordinary amount to the profession, but avoid the spotlight. Though they do not often receive it, these people deserve recognition for their role in making optometry as exceptional as it is. Read more »

Optometry Australia holds firm on "confidential" membership number

Optometry Australia (OA) has defended its decision to keep its precise membership number a secret, following Insight’s investigation into transparency and governance practices at the peak industry body. Read more »

Glaucoma experts share research in Melbourne

The 2019 World Glaucoma Congress was held in Melbourne from 27-30 March at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre. In part two of his report, LEWIS WILLIAMS details more of the event’s highlights. Read more »

Ancient glass blowing method used to produce OCT lenses

An ancient method of glass blowing has been applied to the fabrication of axicons, the miniature cone-shaped lenses used to shape the light from lasers. The technology could lead to the development of cheaper and more accurate OCT devices. Read more »

Low-cost OCT system could improve access to scans

A low-cost, highly portable optical coherence tomography (OCT) scanner has been unveiled, with its developers claiming it has the potential to bring the powerful technology to remote or underserved regions. Read more »

Dry eye product guide

The escalating incidence of Dry Eye Disease has led to an expanding portfolio of diagnostic equipment and devices, as well as new treatment options for optometrists and patients. We provide an at-a-glance guide to the leading products in the market. Read more »

Taking the plunge into dry eye care

Dry eye’s journey from obscurity to multi-billion dollar industry has led to an uptake of eyecare professionals making it their business to treat this long-ignored patient group. MYLES HUME finds out what it takes to establish a dry eye clinic. Read more »
Autofocals adjust based on the eye's direction

'Autofocal' glasses adjust based on where a user is looking

Engineers at Stanford University have built a pair of so-called ‘autofocal’ glasses that have been designed to adjust their focus depending on what the wearer is looking at. Read more »

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showing 1 - 12 of 12 results   

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