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An opportunity to engage

Many of those working in eye care will be aware of the introduction of new Medicare Benefit Schedule (MBS) items this month supporting GPs and diabetes clinics to use non-mydriatic retinal photography for diabetic retinopathy screening. This measure presents an exciting opportunity for optometry to engage with general practice and support increased retinal screening rates for people with diabetes. Read more »

Can your practice have too much choice?

The psychology of choice is an important factor when selling eyewear. GRAHAM JONES suggests optical professionals could take a lesson from the world of online dating. Read more »

Business continuity planning

Business disruption comes in many forms and can be difficult to anticipate but KAREN CROUCH says there are plans that can be put in place to minimise their potential impact. Read more »

When it's 'Go time': how to sell a business

Practice owners seeking to sell their business may be faced with difficulties finding a buyer or achieving the desired price. KATHY ALLEN explains how to ensure a business is market-ready as well as how to make it more attractive to buyers. Read more »
More than 500 delegates attended SCC5’s Sunday sessions

Bigger than ever, SCC5 continues the tradition

The latest in an evolving tradition of quality, clinically-oriented conferences hosted by Specsavers was held in Brisbane in early September. LEWIS WILLIAMS reviews some of the key lectures from the event. Read more »

SILMO Paris 2016 a success despite caution in Europe

With visitor numbers reaching more than 33,700, COLEBY NICHOLSON explains why SILMO Paris 2016, held from 23 to 26 September, should be considered a success – particularly for Australian suppliers. Read more »

New dimensions in eye care with virtual reality technology

As technology progresses, so too do the capabilities of modern healthcare. STEPHANIE CHAN explores some of the ways in which the optical professions are harnessing virtual reality to improve eye health. Read more »

Gene-editing: the next frontier in retinal disease treatment

The fast pace of gene-editing research means a cure for inherited retinal disease may be just around the corner. STEPHANIE CHAN speaks with one of the researchers at the forefront of this exciting new technology to find out more about its potential to revolutionise ophthalmology. Read more »

New treatment target holds potential for RP

Researchers from the US-based Washington University School of Medicine in St Louis say they have discovered a pathway involved in harming the retina’s rods and cones as well as a way to halt that damage. Read more »

Stem cell corneal healing mechanism explained

More light has been shed on the stem cells that could provide new hope for patients with corneal scarring. Read more »

Japanese researchers see retinal transplant success in MHC-matched monkeys

Retinal pigment cells derived from the stem cells of a monkey have been successfully transplanted into the eyes of another monkey without rejection and without the need for immunosuppressant drugs. The procedure was undertaken by Japanese researchers at the RIKEN Center for Developmental Biology (CDB) and detailed in a study published in Stem Cell Reports in October. Read more »

New glucose-sensing contact lens developed

Researchers have developed a new contact lens that can detect glucose in tears, paving the way for a non-invasive method of measuring blood sugar levels. Read more »


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