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Customers need a reason to visit your store

Are your staff capable of delivering the standard of service required to make yours a 'kick-ass' practice? Read more »

It's perfectly okay to think small

Everyone thinks the premise of retail is the need to generate growth but what if growth isn’t that important after all? KARYN GREENSTREET explains why thinking big is no guarantee of success. Read more »

Four strategies for handling conflict

The ways in which businesses handle disagreement and conflict will, according to JANET SPIRER, go some way to determining whether they can navigate difficult scenarios without damage. Read more »

Summit sees researchers and regulators present in ARVO-ASIA first

In part two of Insight’s report on ARVO-Asia, LEWIS WILLIAMS focuses on the innovative Translational Vision Summit. Read more »

Indigenous art donation unveiled at the aboriginal health college

The late Professor Brien Holden's commitment to Indigenous eye health was recently acknowledged at a ceremony held at Sydney’s Aboriginal Health College (AHC). Read more »

OA NSW/ACT's Super Sunday lives up to its name

LEWIS WILLIAMS recaps the highlights from one of Australia’s premier optometric events Read more »

Improving survival in uveal melanoma

Recent advancements in melanoma research have seen survival rates skyrocket for the first time. However, DANIELLE FISCHER says the same improvement is not being seen in uveal melanoma, a rare form of the disease, and researchers are desperate to uncover new methods of treatment. Read more »

Micropump offers alternative to inconsistent eye drops

A micropump device has been developed to improve glaucoma medication delivery and reduce the risk of patients’ eyesight detiorating due to compliance issues. Read more »

An atom can make a difference

A new contact lens coating made from graphene – a sheet of carbon just an atom thick – could help usher in an era of wearable eye electronics. Read more »

Software selects perfect spectacles

The role of fashion stylist could be the next job to become obsolete at the hands of artificial intelligence, thanks to a small startup company from Kansas. Read more »

Man with AMD treated with donated stem cells in world first

A Japanese man with age-related macular degeneration (AMD) has become the first person to receive cells derived from induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells donated by another person. Read more »

New camera bypasses need to dilate pupils

Researchers from three of the most prestigious US medical schools have developed an inexpensive camera which can record images of the retina without the need for pupil-dilating eye drops. Read more »


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