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Stem cell therapy and myopia highlights of 100% optical

A captivating mix of research discoveries and cutting edge product releases meant the UK’s largest optical trade show wasn’t short of highlights. 100% Optical delivered on the hype and Insight has put together the most eye-catching moments from the world-class three-day event. Read more »

Are private fees the future of optometry?

A few years ago the face of optometry changed in Australia. We had the influx of ‘corporates’ into the market. These businesses arrived with a new optometry model, which revolved around cheaper retail pricing of spectacles, the reduction in product and the need for volume sales. Read more »

The mass extinction of loyal customers

Today’s digital age is all about convenience and choice. Consumers want more and expect to pay less, which, as JEANNIE WALTERS explains, is bad news for complacent businesses relying on outdated models and the apathy of their customers. Read more »

Seven daily habits of successful leaders

There is such a thing as a formula for success and it begins by incorporating certain actions into one’s daily schedule, which promote proper routines, strong networks and good health. CHRIS HALLBERG reports. Read more »

Illuminating conference shines light on vision education

A packed line-up of industry heavyweights and academics enlightened nearly 200 delegates at the recent South Pacific Educators in Vision Impairment conference in Brisbane. LEWIS WILLIAMS was there to detail all the revelations from a fascinating conference. Read more »

Systematic barriers letting down older Australians, MDFA report

A recent report produced by the Macular Disease Foundation Australia has highlighted systemic barriers as a major reason for 100,000 older Australians with low vision not accessing much-needed support. Read more »

Cell-culture helps study AMD

An international team of scientists has developed a cell culture sample that could help in the treatment of the third highest cause of worldwide vision loss. Read more »

New cell links myopia to childhood spent indoors

A new cell discovered in the retina has strengthened the belief that excessive time spent indoors as a child heightens the risk of short sightedness. Read more »

New drug for diabetic retinal diseases

Scientists have discovered a peptide that could improve current treatment methods for degenerative retinal diseases, like diabetic retinopathy and macular edema. Read more »

Non-emergency eye conditions clog up ERs

Almost one in four people seeking emergency eye care in US hospital emergency rooms are suffering from only mild conditions, hampering the effective delivery of proper medical attention to those who need it more. Read more »

Computer games could help researchers unlock the secrets of autism

A study has revealed that computer games could be capable of uncovering secrets linked to autism spectrum disorders. Read more »

Blue light education needed

A study has found there is a general awareness in the workplace regarding protection from blue light, but more education is needed to properly address concerns. Read more »


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