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Optometrists' reports spark Apple prototype speculation

A reference to a pair of seemingly innocuous optometrists’ referrals may have accidentally given away the secret behind of one of Apple’s most closely guarded projects. Read more »

Eye doctor gets 10 years jail for fake surgeries

A US eye doctor has received a 10- year prison sentence for 20 counts of Medicare fraud, after he was found guilty of charging the federal health insurance program for hundreds of fake surgeries. Read more »

One dead, more than a dozen treated for botched diabetic retinopathy injections

Indian authorities are investigating more than 20 alleged botched diabetic retinopathy injections at a New Delhi hospital that has already resulted in a fatality. Read more »

Survey finds GP's failing AMD patients

People with AMD are not getting enough information to understand, manage and treat the condition. Read more »

Short-sighted approach to myopia a problem

One of the largest threats to eye health worldwide is myopia, and we’re not doing enough to stop it. Read more »

How to overcome 'people' issues in two steps

Hiring the right people is only the first step to maximising business performance. MIKE KOTSIS reports that failure to place people within the right roles is where many leaders find themselves in trouble. Read more »

Forward planning - Annual business plans

A sound business plan is a crucial part of any well-run enterprise. KAREN CROUCH explains the non-negotiables you need to consider for your practice to reach its potential. Read more »

Intricacies of Zeiss Angioplex OCTA system revealed

Zeiss Australia recently detailed its latest OCT offering, the AngioPlex OCT angiography (OCTA) system to the profession. LEWIS WILLIAMS reports on the Sydney meeting, where he also spent time with speaker and medical retina ophthalmologist Dr Anna Tan. Read more »

Coopervision unveils contact lens for the digital world

The latest addition to the CooperVision range was launched in Australia recently at a series of presentations around the country. MATTHEW WOODLEY attended the Melbourne event, which also doubled as the Victorian meeting of the CCLSA. Read more »

RANZCO NSW and ISOO combine conference resources

Recent advances in ocular oncology have changed the way cancers are diagnosed and treated. LEWIS WILLIAMS was on hand at the joint RANZCO NSW/ISOO to cover all the latest developments. Read more »

Tears research open eyes to new possibilities

Tears are often more associated with emotion than science. But, as RICHARD CHIU found out, several research groups from all over the world have been working to prove their usefulness as both a diagnostic and therapeutic tool. Read more »

Smartphone app simulates retinal disease

A pharmaceutical company is using virtual and augmented reality to create awareness for debilitating eye disease. Read more »


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