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Peak bodies join forces for World Glaucoma Week

Glaucoma Australia (GA) and Optometry Australia (OA) have begun campaigning in the lead up to World Glaucoma Week, by encouraging people to undergo a comprehensive eye exam. Read more »

Essilor launches kids digital campaign

Essilor Transitions has launched a digital marketing strategy it hopes will drive product awareness and increase its profile with consumers. Read more »

Campaign to focus on orthoptists’ skills

Eyecare professionals and the general public are being asked to “discover the depths of orthoptics” as part of this year’s Orthoptics Awareness Week (OAW) campaign. Read more »

Intel smart glasses laser information directly onto the eye

Computing and technology multinational Intel has released a preview of its first ‘smart glasses’ venture, which will use a laser to project information directly onto the eye ball. Read more »

Unlawful eye health ads prompt public retraction

The Australian-owned manufacturer of an eye health supplement has been forced to issue a public retraction and withdraw advertising after it breached the Therapeutic Goods Advertising Code. Read more »

Prescriptions produced in just 10 seconds

It’s hoped a new type of portable autorefractor, which can produce prescriptions in just 10 seconds, will make it easier for patients in remote and poorly resourced areas to access eyeglasses. Read more »

Dissolving contact lenses may be new way to treat glaucoma

A group of business and engineering student researchers from Lithuania have developed dissolving contact lenses as a more efficient drug-delivery method for glaucoma patients. Read more »

Nanosponges used to combat eye infection

Nanosponges could halt the rising number of intraocular infections associated with increasing eye surgeries, according to researchers from the American Society for Microbiology. Read more »

Algal genes and optogenetics to be used in new therapy

Genes from light-seeking algae will be inserted into the eyes of blind patients as part of human trials for a new type of optogenetics treatment. Read more »

FDA legal threat over eye medication advertising

US pharmaceutical company Imprimis has been accused of making false or misleading claims that its compounded eye medicines were FDA-approved. Read more »

Don’t be blind to the visually impaired, employers told

A Vision 2020 Australia-hosted Parliamentary Friends Group was held in Canberra last week to advocate for increased representation of people who are blind or have low vision in the workforce. Read more »

Ophthalmologists lobby minister over MIGS access

The Australian Society of Ophthalmologists (ASO) met with Federal Health Minister Mr Greg Hunt in Canberra on Monday to discuss future access to Minimally Invasive Glaucoma Surgery (MIGS). Read more »


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