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New format and new venue a success for Canberra conference

With an interesting range of speakers and presenters, Optometry Australia’s NSW/ACT annual conference surprised many. JOSHUA PETTIT reports on the outcome of this small, but important event. Read more »

Lifting the global focus on eye health

While cataracts are a treatable problem in advanced countries, they are a leading cause of blindness among poorer nations. LEWIS WILLIAMS outlines the key lectures from the Australian College of Optometry’s national conference. Read more »

Collaboration the focus of RANZCO 2016

With the deadline looming over glaucoma care between opthalmologists and optometrists and RANZCO’s MOU with Specsavers, the 48th RANZCO Conference had plenty on the agenda. LEWIS WILLIAMS reports on the key lectures and the challenges ahead. Read more »

How to increase sales with the 'obvious'

No matter your profession, the science of selling isn't particularly deep and often the answer to improving sales is easier than you think. BOB PHIPPS discusses some obvious but often neglected areas. Read more »

Optimising a practice's supply of services

Managing external service arrangements might not be the most exciting task but it is essential to a successful practice. KAREN CROUCH discusses how to gain better control of third-party services. Read more »

A professor on a mission to fight against AMD

It’s 20 years since Professor Robyn Guymer first became interested in AMD. Hailing from country Victoria, she now leads a 20-member team and was recently awarded a grant for research into mechanisms by which debris accumulates in the retina. Read more »

Smart cane allows the blind to 'see'

A PhD student has developed an cleverwww and low-cost device that can assist the blind. The device is an electronic white cane called mySmartCane developed by Manchester University School of Electrical and Engineering student Mr Vasileios Tsormpatzoudis. Read more »

Safilo Group launches fashionable smart glasses without the 'nerd' factor

Safilo Group has ventured into the digital age by joining the smart glasses race to add to its signature eye wear portfolio. Read more »

Designers partner with attachable camera maker

Four marketers of prescription and nonprescription eye wear have teamed up with tech startup PogoTec which launched the world’s smallest wearable camera called PogoCam. Read more »

Smartphone vision tracker introduced

US-based start-up EyeQue has launched a compact vision tracker recently that allows people to test their eyesight on a smartphone. It joins several other similar applications available on both the iOS and Android smartphone platforms. Read more »

Rumoured Apple augmented reality eye wear shadowed by flops from predecessors

Apple is rumored to be developing digital smart glasses that would take mobile and wireless computing to a new level, despite Google's previous flop of a similar venture. Read more »

UK government to fund Second Sight's 'bionic eye' prosthetic implant

Blind patients may get the chance to see again after the British government approved funding for state-of-the-art ‘bionic eye’ prosthetics, especially those suffering from retinitis pigmentosa (RP). Read more »


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