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Latest information on show as Brisbane hosts ARVO - Asia

The Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology (ARVO) conducts its major meetings in the US, which can attract as many as 12,000 delegates drawn from ophthalmology, optometry, and research labs around the world. Those in ophthalmic research acknowledge that the annual ARVO conference is the international meeting to present the latest information. Read more »

Latest clinical equipment on display at SILMO Sydney

LEWIS WILLIAMS attended SILMO Sydney to get up close and personal with the latest equipment. Read more »

SILMO Sydney impresses despite smaller attendance

The inaugural SILMO Sydney trade show eclipsed most exhibitors' expectations, however, as MATTHEW WOODLEY reports, many still doubt whether the industry can support two trade shows in the one year. Read more »

Not just an expensive insurance scheme

A few years ago I was set to remove some sutures while working for a corneal surgeon when, suddenly, a concerning thought crossed my mind – am I covered by insurance? Read more »

Seven traits of a proficient listener

It’s common for people to aspire to be good listeners in their personal lives so it follows that people should take the skill of listening to the workplace. MARIAN THIER reports. Read more »

When a patient is unable to give consent

The issue of consent is generally straight forward, but what happens when it gets complicated? KAREN CROUCH breaks down the different scenarios how to protect yourself, your practice and your staff. Read more »

Specsavers celebrates 10 years in Australia and NZ

More than 600 Specsavers store partners piled into the newly opened International Convention Centre at Darling Harbour in Sydney last month to celebrate the company’s 10 years in Australia and New Zealand. Read more »

Brien Holden Vision Institute sees new developments under Naidoo

Since taking up the CEO position at the Brien Holden Vision Institute, Kovin Naidoo has reinvigorated the organisation with a raft of changes. LEWIS WILLIAMS met with the former South African political prisoner. Read more »

Teen blindness spike linked with laser pointers

The permanent damage inflicted on a 14-year-old Perth boy’s vision has once again highlighted the dangers of illegally imported laser pointers. Read more »

Dry eye linked with depression

People with dry eye are three times more likely to suffer from anxiety and depression, according to a study published recently in Nature- Eye journal. Read more »

Drug cocktail could be more effective than current diabetic eye disease treatments

Researchers have developed a two-drug cocktail they believe may be more effective than current treatments at reducing the degenerative effects of diabetes-related eye conditions. Read more »

Scientists look to fish for retinal regeneration answers

According to scientists from Vanderbilt University, your fishbowl may hold the answer to preventing diseases such as age-related macular degeneration (AMD) and retinitis pigmentosa (RP). Read more »


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