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Australia's Leading Ophthalmic Magazine Since 1975

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Optometry Australia membership "Confidential"

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NON-DISCLOSURE: Even though Optometry Australia says its membership number is not a secret, its most recent annual report provides a comprehensive membership breakdown, sourced from its 2018 Biennial Survey, however, the total membership figure is not disclosed because it’s “meaningless”.

READERS WON’T UNDERSTAND: Optometry Australia is happy to publish (“moving feast”) figures from the Optometry Board of Australia detailing the total number of registered optometrists, however it won’t publish its own figures because they are a “moving feast” and readers won’t understand.

NOT A SECRET Since 2015, Optometry Australia’s annual reports have included an exhaustive and thorough list of information and statistics about its activities, however they specifically exclude the number of members even though it is “not a secret”.

*excludes associates

Julie Garland McLellan

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