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New program offers to recycle contact lenses for free

31/07/2017By Matthew Woodley
Australians are now able to recycle any brand of used contact lenses and blister packs for free, thanks to a newly established partnership between Bausch + Lomb and recycling business TerraCycle.

The program allows contact lens wearers who have signed up online to send their used lenses and blister packs to TerraCycle for free – via a downloadable prepaid shipping label – and have them recycled into sustainable products and materials. In addition, for every kilogram of accepted waste sent through to the program, $1 will be donated to Optometry Giving Sight.

Bausch + Lomb Australia’s Ms Geraldine Maraboli said the business wanted to offer people a better solution for disposing of their used contact lenses.

“Bausch and Lomb is incredibly conscious of its environmental impact,” she said.

“We are calling on anyone who wears contact lenses to sign up to the program and help divert their lenses and blister packs from landfill.”

The recycling process involved separating the contact lenses and blister packs by composition and then cleaning them. The metal layers of the blister packs are recycled separately, while the contact lenses and plastic blister pack components are melted into plastic that can be remoulded to make recycled products.

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Recycled products that can be produced from the Bausch + Lomb Recycling Programme. L-R: Recycled plastic watering can, plastic bin, bench and watering jug, plastic park bench.


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