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Optometrists urged to support campaign

05/04/2017By Matthew Woodley
Optometry Giving Sight (OGS) is urging people to join the charity in supporting a global campaign trying help every child in the world get access to better eyecare.

Since launching the ‘Our Children’s Vision’ campaign in April 2016 OGS has helped more than 10 million children worldwide. Optometrists are being asked to support the cause by making a small donation for every pair of glasses or frames sold over the next two months, and by encouraging patients to donate.

Clive Miller, CEO of OGS, said its critical every child can see clearly as 80% of what they learn is processed through the visual system.

“To learn at school, every child needs to be able to see their texts and lessons on the board or screen. To develop relationships with their peers, they need to be able to see faces and play safely. To take in the world around them – they use their eyes,” he said.

“Remarkably, it is not standard practice in most countries for children to have a comprehensive eye exam when they start school. Failure to diagnose or treat vision issues can impact a child’s life forever, and create an extraordinary economic cost to the community.”

Promotional and social media materials, along with other information and ways of supporting the cause can be found on the website.

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