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BHVI to collaborate with Japanese lens company

29/03/2017By Matthew Woodley
Brien Holden Vision Institute (BHVI) has announced a new research and development partnership with leading Japanese contact lens maker SEED.

The collaboration will involve the development of advanced contact lens technology with a particular focus on assisting the aged.

President and CEO of SEED, Mr Masahiro Urakabe, said the collaboration demonstrated the company’s commitment to research and development into technology that met a wider range of patients’ needs.

“The corporate mission of SEED is ‘Support your vision’, therefore SEED commits to developing and distributing good quality contact lenses to accommodate the diverse vision correction and lifestyle requirements of patients,” Urakabe said.

“The start of this new collaboration is a very exciting opportunity to deliver the next generation of contact lenses.”

SEED can produce 32.5 million daily disposable lenses each month at its Japanese facility, and possesses a wide range of products including RGP lenses, soft conventional lenses and a number of disposable contact lenses

BHVI CEO Professor Kovin Naidoo said the opportunity to collaborate with one of Asia’s leading contact lens companies would help take its technology global.

“This continues our strong history of collaborating with contact lens companies to bring world class products to market and impact on peoples’ quality of life. It is an affirmation of the quality research that our team has consistently produced,” Naidoo said.

“We are thrilled that SEED saw a strong commercial opportunity to exploit our research and development capabilities and deliver what we believe will be superior products to consumers,” he added.

SEED has direct subsidiaries in China, Taiwan, Malaysia, Vietnam, and Singapore. It recently started regional distribution in Germany and Belgium, while their contact lens products are also distributed through authorised partners in Denmark, Italy, Portugal, Switzerland, Philippines, and Mongolia.


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