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(L-R) Eyelines' Will Downie and Derek Fails with George & Matilda's Chris Beer
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Two new acquisitions for George & Matilda

By Coleby Nicholson
Corporate-optometry group George & Matilda Eyecare has continued its expansion with the acquisition of two independent companies.

The national optical group announced last week that Eyelines had become its latest member.

Established in 1993, Eyelines is said to be Tasmania's largest independent optometry group. All 13 of its locations will join George & Matilda's network as part of the acquisition.

Commenting on the move, Eyelines chief executive officer Mr Will Downie said, "The team at Eyelines were impressed by George & Matilda's commitment to deliver high-quality eye-care solutions, tailored to fit the patient's individual needs. Our focus has always been on how we can deliver the best for our patients and we believe the partnership with George & Matilda will allow us to do just that."

Elaborating, Eyelines optometrist and senior board member Mr Derek Fails stated, "As part of the George & Matilda network we will be able to build the future of optometry in Tasmania, providing the very best in technology and training, while putting the patient's needs first."

George & Matilda CEO Mr Chris Beer said Eyelines' commitment to servicing its local communities with an emphasis on eye-care expertise married perfectly with George & Matilda's approach.

"We are excited to work with them to create a world-class experience for their 30,000 patients across Tasmania," he said.

The news came shortly after it was revealed on 28 September that George & Matilda had acquired another chain of practices, theeyecarecompany.

theeyecarecompany opened in 2005 and has four practices, including a flagship location on George Street, Sydney.

(L-R) theeyecarecompany
(L-R) theeyecarecompany's principals Drs Griffin Ngo and Margaret Lam with Chris Beer

Mr Beer said theeyecarecompany's decision to join George & Matilda was testament to the attraction the optical group held for well-regarded and proven independent optometrists.

"theeyecarecompany is a strong independent optometrist with a proven record for service and quality with a loyal patient base," Mr Beer stated. "The group's founders, Margaret Lam and Griffin Ngo, understand the benefits of George & Matilda's proposition to their staff and patients and we're delighted to welcome them into the network."

Echoing Mr Downie's sentiments, Dr Lam said George & Matilda represented the "best care possible" for patients and aligned with the way theeyecarecompany practiced optometry.


"Being part of a bigger optometry group that is patient- and optometry-focused in this manner is the ideal formula to allow our company to continue to grow from strength to strength," Dr Lam added.

George & Matilda launched in May this year with a stated mission of combining the marketing, systems, technologies, and resources of a larger business with the personalised service and local trust of independent optometry through partnerships with reputable practices.

The recent acquisitions follow last month's announcement that Zeiss would be the exclusive supplier of eyeglass lenses to George & Matilda practices.

The group's other members include Hanks Optometrists and Peter Hewett Optometry, both located in NSW.


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