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ODMA|2013... the best yet?


Boy. What an ODMA. For me personally, it's the best one I've been to. Someone at the ODMA Open yesterday summed it up best when he said over lunch: "In the words of Dennis Denuto - the lawyer from 'The Castle' - it was all about the vibe!" And this optometrist was right - the ODMA|2013 vibe was impossible to ignore.

Perhaps this vibe had something to with the spectacular weather in Brisbane - the south eastern states visitors were instantly put in a good mood. I met an exhibitor in the airport lounge as we were all heading on to our various destinations yesterday, and he correctly pointed out the weather for the past two ODMAs in Sydney was miserably cold. I remember getting soaked when running from the hotel to the exhibition centre, even slipping on a near flooded hotel patio. Brisbane though, she put on her best weather and it really made for happy and relaxed visitors.

You know what else I think helped the vibe? For many attendees, it was their first ODMA since it was held in Brisbane for the first time. And they were excited! Super excited. It was quite energising to feel their enthusiasm, and it also reminded me to be grateful that I was in attendance at this awe inspiring show.

To me the hall seemed bigger than 2011, or at least better planned and set up. And the exhibitor stands really were outstanding; the effort that went into creating such well-designed and engaging stands created an experience to impress and be remembered by visitors.

At this stage, numbers haven't been finalised - this takes quite some time to do. I suspect numbers may be down compared with 2011. But this is not bad. It is about quality. Michel Audry, managing director for EYRES/iOptix told INSIGHT: "I think there is less people this year, but the quality is better than 2011. The people in Brisbane want to talk business, serious business."

In speaking to Gaye Wymond, Director at Eyes Right Optical, she told INSIGHT: "It has been an outstanding ODMA for us this year. After just Friday and Saturday, we have already surpassed our ODMA 2011 sales, so anything we get for Sunday is just the icing on top." And this is not surprising; Eyes Right Optical was one of the busiest stands of the show.

So what were the highlights? INSIGHT has spoken to many exhibitors and visitors, and it seems unanimous that the highlights were: the 'vibe', the Gala Dinner with 620 people, the exhibition hall and the conference program with CPD sessions and master class sessions.

As for the location for 2015? This is yet to be finalised once all exhibitor and visitor feedback has been assessed by ODMA. It is the industry who decides. If I was a betting woman, my money would be on Brisbane. Fingers crossed.


I hope you have enjoyed the INSIGHT ODMA Daily Digital Edition. I have very much enjoyed bringing you all the stories and photographs from Brisbane. We will have a full wrap up in the next print edition of INSIGHT.

My final word? Bring on ODMA 2015, bring it!

Kate Mulcahy


George & Matilda Eyecare

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