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OBA seeks feedback on revised registration guidelines

The Optometry Board of Australia (OBA) has begun the public consultation period on revised registration standards and guidelines for scheduled medicines.

Stakeholders have been asked to provide feedback regarding proposed changes to the Endorsement for scheduled medicines registration standard, which sets out the registration requirements for optometrists on scheduled medicines.

The Australian Health Workforce Ministerial Council approved the current registration standard in July 2010, while the Guidelines for endorsement for use of scheduled medicines were last updated in December 2014.

The main proposed changes include revised standards and guidelines which are designed to be easier to understand, and the replacement of the Board-approved list of scheduled medicines with a description of classes of scheduled medicines to which the endorsement applies.

Changes will also see the OBA endorse the registration of optometrists to prescribe, sell, purchase or use medicines in the practice of optometry.

According to the overview of the proposed changes, the public should benefit by ensuring only qualified and competent practitioners can register for dispensing scheduled medicines.

Also, by transferring the scheduled medicines list to the guidelines, it is expected the OBA will be able to revise it - with consultation - in a more efficient manner.

Finally, it is hoped the changes will provide greater clarity and consistency by aligning the language in the standard with that of relevant state and territory drugs and poisons legislation.

The consultation process is open until March 31 and those interested can submit written feedback via the OBA website.

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