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Insight cements number one position

Insight holds onto the top spot in a ranking of ophthalmic publications across Australia and New Zealand, while also outranking many international titles in countries with much larger populations.

US-based publications lead the global market, with titles owned by specialist medical publisher Jobson making up four of the top five most popular ophthalmic publications worldwide, according to Alexa Traffic Rank.

Review of Ophthalmology, Review of Optometry and Vision Monday all ranked between 204,000th to 235,000th in terms of popularity across the entire world wide web, while 2020Mag is ranked fifth (406,378th globally).

Invision, an independent US optometry publication, was ranked at 322,002nd, making it the fourth most popular ophthalmic website.

Insight ranked at 840,472nd, which makes it Australia and New Zealand’s most popular publication. Its online readership was just behind the UK’s Optician and Optometry Today, with rankings of 718,786th and 737,603rd respectively.

According to Alexa – an Amazon company – data as of 1 September indicated Insight’s visitation was well ahead of local competitors Mivision (1,414,918th), EyeSmart  (3,352,101st) and EyeOnOptics (13,805,502nd).

With the country’s very small population, NZOptics had a world ranking of 10,713,939th.

Alexa data also showed that Insight has more readers than other specialist ophthalmic publications in larger markets, such as Ophthalmology Management (US), Optical Prism (Canada) and Optometric Management (US). 

Other important indicators showed that Insight’s readership metrics are some of the highest, with reader engagement and daily time spent better than all other titles.

At 59%, Insight boasted the lowest bounce rate among local competitors and it even outperformed the leading ophthalmic websites.

Mivision’s bounce rate was 80%, whereas the visitor numbers of EyeSmart, NZ Optics and EyeOnOptics did not have sufficient data to allow a bounce rate to be estimated.

A bounce rate is the percentage of visitors who leave the website after viewing only one page, and is an important measure of reader engagement for media organisations; the higher the bounce rate percentage the fewer additional articles are read.

The above data was correct at 1 September 2019. Website rankings are dynamic and can change on a daily basis and, to demonstrate that, at the time of publication (3 September) Insight’s rankings had improved to 839,797 while Mivision had slipped to 1,508,758.

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