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O=MEGA19 Speakers/Seminars

Peg Achenbach
VTI sheds light on latest contact lens innovation

O=MEGA diamond sponsor and the company behind the NaturalVue contact lens, Visioneering Technologies (VTI), will host two seminars focused on cutting edge contact lens technology.

Both segments will be presented by the company’s vice president of professional services and clinic science Dr Peg Achenbach; the first being held on Friday July 19, 2-3pm titled EDOF - a novel method for myopia management.

During the session, Achenbach will talk about; the various myopia management treatment options; clinical evidence for methods of myopia management; and the optics of a novel extended depth of focus contact lens.

VTI’s second education session will take place on Saturday July 20, 9-10am when Achenbach will discuss fitting the company’s flagship product, the NaturalVue daily disposable multifocal contact lens, for two patient groups – the myopes and the presbyopes.

Achenbach’s professional career includes 16 years of private practice specialising in contact lenses and low vision. She is also a member of the Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology, the British Contact Lens Association, the International Association of Contact Lens Educators, the American Optometric Association and is a Fellow of the American Academy of Optometry.


Paul Clarke
Reset for optical dispensing at O=MEGA

O=MEGA 2019 could prove to be a turning point for optical dispensing in Australia. For the first time in years, the Australian Dispensing Opticians Association (ADOA) and the ADOA Victorian chapter will use the show to appear as a united body, vowing to set aside their differences for the sake of the industry.

O=MEGA will also provide an opportunity for dispensers to voice their concerns about the wellbeing and future of the disjointed sector.

Mr Paul Clarke, who is a past president of the International Opticians Association, will moderate a forum where attendees can give their perspective on the current state of the play and propose a way forward. Organisers hope this will result in the establishment of “an active national body for optical dispensers in Australia”.

The forum will take place at the Melbourne Convention Centre in the conference room Courtyard Room 1 from 9-10am on Saturday 20 July.


Local optometrists feature in Zeiss seminar

Luke Chong

Graham Lakkis

James Armitage

The Carl Zeiss Medical Technology-sponsored break-out session will examine advances in clinical care in perimetry, OCT-A and ultra-widefield imaging.

Deakin University optometry and vision science lecturer Mr Luke Chong will discuss clinical evaluation of the SITA Faster perimetric threshold strategy.

Mr Graham Lakkis, who operates a private practice and is a senior fellow at the University of Melbourne’s Department of Optometry and Vision Science, will present on true colour widefield imaging produced from the Clarus 500, as well as clinical case reports.

Finally, Deakin’s head of vision science Associate Professor James Armitage will speak about clinical and research applications of OCT-A.

The presentations will take place on Sunday 21 July from 9-10am in Hospitality Room 6.


Nick Rumney
Device presents educational seminar on latest OCT tech

Device Technologies will host an educational presentation focusing on advances in OCT imaging with swept-source OCT angiography. It will take place on Saturday 20 July, 9-10am at the Plenary Theatre.

Presented by UK optometrist Mr Nick Rumney, the session will revise current angiographic techniques and contrast this with swept-source OCT-A.

The advantages and disadvantages of OCT-A will be discussed alongside the structures that can be viewed.

The key learning objectives will include; a revision of the technology behind OCT-A; understanding and managing OCT-A artefacts, such as projection, motion, segmentation; and an illustration of the benefits of the technology via case records.

Rumney is chairman and senior optometrist of award-winning BBR Optometry in Hereford, UK, and was recently named president of the European Academy of Optometry and Optics.


Optos hosts series of case studies on ultra-widefield imaging

Willy Gunawan

David Southgate

Ultra-widefield retinal imaging will be the focus of an Optos Australia-sponsored education seminar.

Mr Willy Gunawan and Mr David Southgate, of Melbourne’s Collins Street Optometrists, will host the session, which will address; identifying vision and life threatening peripheral retinal pathology; recognising presenting history that dictates the need for peripheral retinal exam; and timely management and referral guideline for peripheral pathology.

The presentation will take place on Sunday 21 July 10-11am in the Sovereign Theatre.



Speakers to shed light on new Rodenstock tech; spec fitting

Dietmar Uttenweiler

Nicola Peaper

Rodenstock’s breakthrough DNEye Pro technology and a workshop on new spectacle fitting will be the subject of its two breakout sessions at O=MEGA.

International speaker Dr Dietmar Uttenweiler, who is also Rodenstock’s head of R&D and vice president of strategic marketing lenses, will discuss the technology behind the DNEye Pro.

DNEye Pro is applied to lenses using measurements from the company’s DNEye Scanner. The technology allows for the measurement of individual anatomy of the eye, making Rodenstock the only manufacturer that can transfer biometric values to the lens.

Uttenweiler has approximately 50 scientific publications and more than 100 patents and patent applications.

In the second session, optometrist and Rodenstock Australia sales and professional services manager Ms Nicola Peaper will talk about overcoming the challenge of lens design in new spectacles.

Her workshop will examine the effect that corneal vertex distance (CVD), face form angle (FFA) and pantoscopic tilt (PT) have on the design of a lens and how this may change a patient’s visual experience and adaptation.

Assessing genuine cases, she will discuss; the effect of PT and CVD on perceived corridor length; the impact of FFA on vision at the optical centre and across a lens; and the effect of CVD on power when looking at different refracting and dispensing distances.


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