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Nidek TS-610
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An array on display at BOC Ophthalmic Instruments


O=MEGA PREVIEW: BOC Ophthalmic Instruments will feature prominently at O=MEGA, exhibiting a wide range of new examination, screening and imaging equipment.

The ophthalmic device distributor will display the new Henson 9000 Visual Field Analyser designed for glaucoma screening and management, enabling eye care professionals to better detect and monitor progression.

Its ergonomic compact design is suitable for space-constrained environments and requires minimal maintenance. A Zippy Adaptive Threshold algorithm also uses the efficient Bayesian method to derive threshold values and includes useful tools for analysing progression.

"The TS-610 series offers a flexible workstation, particularly for confined space limitations"

On display will also be the new CrystalVue Fully Automated NFC-700 Non-Mydriatic Retinal Camera, which is said to capture quality, high-resolution retinal images with a single touch.

The NFC-700 is a compact stand-alone retinal camera with integrated Windows 10 touch screen tablet, and an abundance of internal storage for 100,000 retinal and anterior images. It incorporates 3D tracking and autofocus, 10 selectable internal fixation targets and Auto Montage for wide field image capture.

BOC will also showcase the new Nidek TS-610 Tabletop Subjective Refraction Workstation; groundbreaking technology that integrates chart and refractor into a single unit.

The TS-610 series offers a flexible workstation, particularly for confined space limitations. It also incorporates a sophisticated refractor head, operation-rich control with colour touch screen, high resolution space saving distance and near charts, built-in printer, and can interface with Nidek Autorefractor, Tonoref and Lensmeter models.

Finally, BOC will exhibit Optovue’s AngioVueHD and AngioAnalytics which brings objective data and analysis to the AngioVue’s OCT-A technology that provides high-resolution imaging of retinal blood vessels.

Henson 9000 Visual Field Analyser
Henson 9000 Visual Field Analyser
CrystalVue NFC-700
CrystalVue NFC-700

Visit BOC Ophthalmic Instruments on Stand D12
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