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DNEye Scanner 2
Equipment, Show & Tell

Rodenstock’s latest advances in equipment and lens technology


O=MEGA PREVIEW: Rodenstock is set to unveil its latest innovations in eye testing equipment and premium lens coatings.

The ophthalmic lens manufacturer will first unveil its DNEye Scanner 2. The technology adopts high-precision 3D eye measurements of the eye, with the biometric values integrated into Rodenstock lenses to ensure an individualised fit for patients.

Similar to its successful predecessor model, the DNEye Scanner 2 specifically calculates both the low and high order aberrations for distance and near vision, as well as the individual pupil reaction to brightness and distance.

Rodenstock will also unveil its X-tra Clean Finish lens coating. The company’s smoothest lens yet, the technology helps repel dirt and allows for a streak-free finish after cleaning.

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