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Zenni celebrates 25 million pairs of glasses sold

California-based online eyewear retailer Zenni Optical has announced it has sold more than 25 million pairs of glasses during its 16-year history. In 2018 the company sold more than 5 million pairs, with gross earnings totaling US$214 million (AU$307 million).

The company attributed its recent sharp increase in sales to the roll-out of its proprietary blue light-blocking and ultraviolet protective lenses called Blokz, strategic marketing efforts and campaigns focused on themes.

For Blokz, sales rose by 50% in 2018 compared to the previous year, which the company claimed was a result of consumer awareness and marketing campaigns on blue light-blocking technology. Zenni also expanded its sunglass options including a photochromic lens which darkens in sunlight

“Zenni continues its growth because of our unique ability to provide high-quality lenses and frames at a fraction of competitors’ prices. We’ve worked diligently through the years to create a vertically integrated business that can very successfully drive profitable margins without overpricing the product,” co-founder and CEO Mr Tibor Laczay said.

In 2018 the company also closed a deal with the Chicago Bulls to be the team’s official eyewear and jersey patch sponsor, which resulted to an increase in sales in the Chicago market by 33% in November and 53% in December last year compared to the previous year’s sales.

Since it was founded in 2003, the company has focused on providing prescription eyewear at a lower price than traditional retailers through its online business model.

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