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ProVision commemorates 30 Years

28/05/2019By Callum Glennen
ProVision, Australia’s largest network of independent optometrists, has celebrated its 30th anniversary by recognising the suppliers, supporters and members who were intrinsic to the group’s formation and success.

A dinner was held on Sunday, 26 May, just days after the organisation’s official anniversary of 17 May, to commemorate the occasion. ProVision’s board was in attendance, as well as CEO Mr Steven Johnston alongside the business’ management team.

ProVision’s history dates back to 1989, when the Australian Optometrical Association (AOA), then led by CEO Mr Joe Chakman, established the group Australia’s Independent Optometrists (AIO). A number of influential practitioners were involved in its formation, such Ms Heather Waldron, who served as the group’s inaugural chairperson, and Mr Brian Layland. AOA became Optometrists Association Australia, which later became Optometry Australia (OA).

In 1999 AIO became ProVision, however the organisation’s core purpose remained the same. The group is still driven by the core belief that eyecare is on the whole best delivered in private practice by practitioners who have control over clinical decisions and direct, continuous and personal contact with patients.

The group is also committed to the idea that the survival and progress of optometry relies on a strong sector of independent practices that provide a comprehensive range of services, including dispensing.

ProVision recognised a number of the association’s original members and supporters both past at present at the awards dinner, including Optometry Australia and Chakman.

Early members Mr Norm Russo, Mr John Kingshott, Mr Peter Cunningham and Partners of Total Eyecare were presented with recognition awards on the night. Essilor Australia, European Eyewear and Jack Chapman Optical were also recognised as early supporters.

Image: (from left) Mr Pierre Longerna (Essilor), Mr Peter Cunningham (Alumni), Mr John Kingshott (Member TAS), Mr Andew Maver & Mr Andrew Koch (Members TAS), Mr Norm Russo (Member VIC), Mr Brendan Burke (Jack Chapman Laboratory), Ms Lyn Brodie (OA), Mr Joe Chakman


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