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Verily rolls out AI screening and diagnosis in India

Google’s healthcare division Verily has partnered with India’s Aravind Eye Hospital to screen patients for diabetic retinopathy and diabetic macular edema using its artificial intelligence (AI) driven technology.

The AI screening system developed by Verily and Google aims to alleviate the global shortage of eye doctors and improve outcomes for the millions of people affected by these preventable eye illnesses.

“Thousands of patients come through the doors of our hospitals and vision centers every day, and we want to provide them with the best possible eye care,” Aravind chief medical officer Dr R. Kim said.

“By integrating Verily and Google’s retinal diagnostic program into our screening process, we can improve our efficiency, giving physicians like myself more time to work closely with patients on treatment and management of their disease while increasing the volume of screenings we can perform.”

Clinical trials of the system have shown results that exceeded baseline performance, faring better than human ophthalmologists with an accuracy rate of 97.5%. Verily’s algorithm has also received European Union Directive’s CE mark, certifying its effectiveness.

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