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Essilor launches program to target younger demographics

06/03/2019By Callum Glennen
Essilor Australia has announced the launch of a new initiative designed to support optometrists and dispensers in selling Transitions lenses to young, fashion-conscious customers.

The program, named the Transitions Style Academy, will be introduced this week in Brisbane.

Attendees will receive advice from stylists regarding the latest trends and fashions, as well as showcases on how Transitions lenses can appeal to younger customers.

Style ambassadors and influencers will also be in attendance to share tips and tricks for social media, and a wide selection of fashionable frames demonstrating Transitions lenses will be available to sample.

“This program is all about presenting Transitions in a new light,” Tara McCabe, Marketing and Business Development Manager, Essilor Australia and New Zealand said.

“The brand has transformed and we are committed to providing optometrists and dispensers the latest tools and tips to recommend the range to a new audience, anchored in style and fashion, of course. It will be a fun and refreshingly different initiative that we can’t wait to share with the trade.”

Essilor will also begin rolling out Transitions Style Academy support materials, such as incentives and digital toolkits, to optometry owners and their teams. The program will run throughout 2019.


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