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New look for Glaucoma Australia

27/02/2019By Callum Glennen
Glaucoma Australia (GA) has launched a new logo and marketing tagline ahead of this year’s World Glaucoma Week, 10–16 March, and the 8th World Glaucoma Congress, 27–30 March.

The organisation’s new tagline will be ‘Saving Sight’.

GA CEO Ms Annie Gibbins said market research had suggested that the organisation’s brand identity had not kept pace with the organisation’s changing role and the evolving environment in which it operates.

“After many years with our logo, we felt it was time to update our brand identity, to ensure it reflects the more modern, active and relevant organisation we are becoming,” Gibbins said.

GA online marketing and customer engagement manager Ms Gillian Hopkins said the new logo is a modern interpretation of an eye.

“It has been developed to be representative of the continuing cycle of care, intraocular pressure and peripheral vision. Its fresh, cool, relaxed colour palette denotes calmness and embodies our aim of easing the glaucoma journey with support and knowledge.”

The abstract depiction of an eye is also designed to represent the variance of glaucoma and progress, as well as the breadth of support offered by GA.

“The new identity positions Glaucoma Australia as a confident, modern organisation whose work is centred around, and dedicated to, saving sight,” Hopkins said.

GA has a several major events planned ahead of World Glaucoma Week and the 8th World Glaucoma Congress, including a symposium for patients and public risk screenings.


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