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OxSight releases smart glasses for people with tunnel vision

UK startup OxSight has released a range of smart glasses designed to correct peripheral vision loss.

The OxSight Crystal glasses are said to enhance the wearer’s remaining vision using image interpretation technology and algorithms. They feature a micro OLED video display, and the company claims they are capable of increasing horizontal vision by up to 68°.

The glasses also allow users to add or remove shade for different light conditions, and are designed for day-to-day use. OxSight claims the glasses don’t cause users motion sickness, and that it is the only low vision device currently available that allows for unrestricted peripheral awareness.

“We are thrilled to be launching our second product less than three years after OxSight was founded,” OxSight CEO Dr Rakesh Roshan said.

OxSight is now in the process of developing clinical partnerships with opticians in the UK and Europe, while also providing trials, fittings and support at the company’s clinics.

Currently, OxSight’s glasses are only available in the UK.

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