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Mark’ennovy partners with Australian contact lens company

16/01/2019By Callum Glennen
European contact lens manufacturer Mark’ennovy will collaborate with Australian contact lens manufacturer and distributor Capricornia, in an effort to improve customer care, fitting advice, logistics and distribution.

Mark’ennovy Asia-Pacific managing director Mr Chris Harous is leading the companies’ joint sales and marketing efforts, and said after a year in Australia partnering with Capricornia is a logical step. Based in Brisbane, Capricornia holds manufacturing licences for RoseK and Marconus contact lenses, while also producing its own range.

“With Capricornia’s knowledge of the Australian market and Mark’ennovy’s precision manufacturing and product catalogue, we are going to be able to guarantee the best experience for your patient,” Harous said, adding that the move is designed to strengthen the company’s presence in Australia.

Chris Harous
“If it all works, the plan is to bring the technology over to Australia with Capricornia.”
Chris Harous, Mark’ennovy

“I have worked all my life in the contact lens industry and it is fantastic to be back sharing Mark’ennovy’s passion to provide Australian eyecare professionals with premium, optometrist-only made-to-measure soft disposable contact lens products that can make the greatest impact on their patients’ vision and quality of life.”

Harous also told Insight that the partnership between the two companies could expand in the future.

“Because there are a lot of synergies between Mark’ennovy and Capricornia, we hope in the future to actually bring the manufacturing of those products into this region,” he explained.

“If it all works, the plan is to bring the technology over to Australia with Capricornia.”

Mark’ennovy entered Australia in March 2018, and produces soft contact lenses tailored to a patient’s individual needs. In September 2018, Mark’ennovy announced it had signed a worldwide exclusive licensing agreement with the Brien Holden Vision Institute to bring to market a range of soft contact lenses designed to address myopia control and presbyopia.


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