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World first myopia program at UNSW

24/10/2018By Myles Hume
The world’s first university accredited program on myopia management will open to registered optometrists at the University of New South Wales (UNSW) next year.

The newly-announced Graduate Certificate in Myopia Management is tailored to provide advanced knowledge and clinical experience for registered optometrists, allowing them to prescribe evidence-based treatment for myopia management.

With myopia becoming one of the most prevalent eye conditions affecting about 15% of Australians, UNSW School of Optometry and Vision Science lecturer Dr Pauline Kang said many optometrists were looking to upskill in the area.

“Myopia management is becoming more a part of mainstream clinical practice. What we wanted to do was offer a course that provided evidence-based management options and give them more in-depth knowledge of the different type of treatments that are available, current research and so forth,” Kang said.

“Myopia management is becoming more a part of mainstream clinical practice. What we wanted to do was offer a course that provided evidence-based management options.”
UNSW Professor Dr Pauline Kang

The one-year course is part time and restricted to Australian and New Zealand optometrists who are registered to practice in Australia. Overseas optometrists can complete some modules as a part of the Masters of Optometry program, but would not be eligible for the certificate.

Kang said the program would be predominantly online, leaving practicing optometrists few physical classes to attend.

The Graduate Certificate incorporates diverse and flexible content delivery through a self-paced online distance education module, including interactive webinars, discussion groups, lecture recordings and exercises. This will be supported by clinical placements at the UNSW Optometry Clinic for hands on clinical skill development and evaluation.

This program is based on current and future evidence-based standards of treatment and management of myopia applied to an Australian context. 

Kang said the courses would involve an award-winning teaching team of experienced clinical and didactic instructors, drawn from Australia and internationally.

The modules are Introduction to Myopia, Myopia Management, Advanced Contact Lens Studies 1 and Clinical Myopia Management.

Optometrists who sign up are expected to complete the program over 12 months, with a maximum enrolment time of 36 months.

Enrolments for 2019 are now open.

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IMAGE: Coutesy of UNSW school of Optometry

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