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Shamir unveils its latest progressive lens technology

10/10/2018By Matthew Woodley
Shamir has released new progressive lens technology designed to better adapt to the needs of presbyopes.

The company’s Autograph Intelligence technology was developed using big data analysis and elements of artificial intelligence, which utilised five million prescriptions to establish a correlation between patients’ visual needs and what Shamir calls their ‘Visual Age’.

Within the 12 different additions, there are 440,000 design options and each individual addition has 36,000 different inbuilt options, which are reinforced by Shamir’s three new technologies – Eye Point, Continuous Design, and Visual AI Engine.

“This is truly an innovation that will impact the industry and evolve the design in lens technology for years to come.”
Paul Stacey, Shamir

CEO of Shamir Australia, Mr Paul Stacey said the company had taken a new direction with its latest technology.

“Prescribing and dispensing the lens is simple and eliminates the need to ask your customers to complete questionnaires or select an individual progressive type for different needs,” he said.

“The revolutionary new lens design is unlike any progressive currently available. Incorporating three new ground-breaking technologies developed by Shamir, the lens can mimic human behaviour resulting in an optimal user experience for presbyopes involved in a range of activities.

“This is truly an innovation that will impact the industry and evolve the design in lens technology for years to come.”

According to Shamir, Eye Point Technology incorporates HEIM (Head Eye Integrative Movement) software that tracks exactly where wearers look and considers the actual viewing angles and switch distance frequency, which supposedly provide the perfect vision by age group in any zone – horizontally or vertically.

Meanwhile, Continuous Design Technology incorporates 12 prototypes – one for each visual age (addition) – in an attempt to ensure that every patient receives a unique lens based on their visual needs. Finally, the Visual AI Engine implements the continuous design concept along a matrix of optimisation parameters, which is said to give it an advanced capability to mimic human behaviour.



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