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Sita Faster update for Humphrey Field Analyser

Visual field testing is often a significant bottleneck in clinics, which is why Zeiss continues to promote the new SITA Faster strategy on Humphrey Field Analyser 3 (HFA3).

Long testing times can affect patient satisfaction, test reliability and clinical workflow, but the HFA3 helps to avoid this through improved workflow efficiencies and diagnostic performance.

According to the company, many clinicians have improved testing time by up to 50% by using the SITA Faster strategy on the HFA3, while the SITA Faster 24-2 test strategy performs clinically equivalent and reproducible tests for normal and glaucomatous eyes in only 2–3 minutes. These highly sought-after efficiencies are essential for balancing increasing glaucoma patient volumes with the need to maintain the highest level of care.

Additionally, the ability to combine all SITA strategies for Guided Progression Analysis (GPA) reports on the HFA3 with FORUM Glaucoma Workplace can allow immediate adoption of the newest SITA Faster strategy, allowing clinics to quickly increase patient throughput and provide a more positive diagnostic experience to their patients.

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