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New Glaucoma Workplace 3.1 software for FORUM

Zeiss’ latest FORUM Glaucoma Workplace 3.1 software enables streamlined decision-making and workflow, helping to combat challenges associated with the screening, detection and management of glaucoma.

The software presents progression data for OCT and visual fields over the patient’s full history on one screen, along with clear messaging and colour coded progression maps to efficiently highlight changes in visual fields, as well as retinal nerve fibre and ganglion cell layers.

Clinical events such as surgery, laser and pharmaceutical interventions can now also be annotated on the historical OCT and visual field data. Dual baselines with progression analyses before and after interventions demonstrates the efficacy of these treatments, and creates a powerful education tool to ensure understanding and compliance from patients.

The data-driven assessments of Glaucoma Workplace 3.1, along with the latest SITA Faster 24-2 testing strategy of the Humphrey Field Analyser 3, should create confidence in referral and treatment decisions while improving clinical workflow and efficiency.

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