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UK optometrist banned for sexually harassing patients

A UK optometrist has been banned from the profession after he sexually harassed two patients.

The General Optical Council (GOC) in London found Sufyan Malik of Slough, Berkshire guilty of sexually-motivated behaviour and neglecting his duty to provide a written and signed prescription after a sight test.

According to the Slough Observer, a female patient told the GOC that during a routine eye exam in November 2015, Malik dropped a spectacle lens on her lap and while retrieving it, he touched her leg while staring at her chest, before saying: “There couldn’t have been a better place for it to drop – well, maybe.”

The incident happened while the patient’s son was inside the examination room and Malik whispered to the woman: “If only he had been left outside – my mind is wandering now.”

Another incident in February 2016 involved Malik sending inappropriate text messages to a female patient after he had illegally obtained her phone number from practice records.

In defending his actions, Malik insisted his behaviour was simply “banter”.

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