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Allergan celebrates 50 years in Australia with art expo

26/09/2018By Matthew Woodley
Allergan will recognise 50 years in Australia and New Zealand tonight, with a bespoke pop up art gallery showcasing a collection of work that aims to merge the worlds of science and art.

The exhibition, ‘Innovation and Impact’, is designed to be a modern approach to the collaboration of both science and art. An Allergan media release said the unique event would help celebrate what is a key milestone in a way that mirrors the company’s culture.

The event will showcase 14 urban art pieces by Australian artists, including Claire Foxton, Elliot Routledge, George Rose and Joel Birch, that have been created specifically for the exhibition to mark the occasion. Additionally, Scott Marsh will be completing one of his pieces live during the night, demonstrating his creative process and artistic techniques.

“I am excited to see how these talented Australian artists have interpreted our products and conveyed the patient experiences in their own unique ways,” vice president and managing director of Allergan Australia & New Zealand Mr Gerry Muhle said.

“Understanding and acknowledging the emotional connections that Allergan and its products have made will hopefully inspire us all to be a part of a community that strives to be our best.”

The pieces are said to reflect the emotional connection that people can have with certain products, their own personal possibilities, and the desire for continued innovative solutions.


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