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Transitions expands coloured lens portfolio

12/09/2018By Matthew Woodley
Transitions Optical has launched new style colours for its Signature lenses as part of its ongoing brand revamp.

The lenses, coupled with its new consumer campaign ‘Light Under Control’, are designed to recruit new wearers and attract a younger generation of single vision wearers to the photochromic lens category.

“People no longer want to shy away from wearing glasses. Instead, they’ve become an element of identity like your clothes,” Transitions Optical general manager for Asia Pacific Mr Stuart Cannon said.

“Fashion is all about extending and expressing yourself by fearlessly flaunting your individuality. These lens colour choices empower wearers to make a bold statement placing eyewear at the centre of their look.”

The release of the new lenses extends the Transitions Signature range to seven colours – sapphire, amethyst, amber and emerald lenses have been added to Transitions’ existing grey, brown and graphite green options.

New point-of-sale is available to help practices promote the new colours and free marketing material is available on the Transitions website.

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