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New dry eye treatment on Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme

12/09/2018By Matthew Woodley
AFT Pharmaceuticals-distributed dry eye treatment NovaTears has been listed on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme(PBS).

The lubricant and tear film stabiliser is designed to treat evaporative dry eye (EDE), and is free from preservatives, water and phosphates. It can be used for up to six months after opening.

“NovaTears is a new class of dry eye therapy based on patented EyeSol technology, which can provide relief for EDE sufferers, and fulfil a significant patient need,” AFT CEO Dr Hartley Atkinson said.

“It’s long-lasting and spreads very easily across the eye, providing relief without blurred vision, stinging or burning.”

According to AFT, the fact that NovaTears is water-free is a major benefit, as it means there is no microbial growth possible in the solution and allows for the delivery of preservative-free drops in a multi-dose bottle. NovaTears also has a droplet size 4–5x smaller than traditional water-based eye drops, which minimises spill-over.

“Clinical studies of evaporative dry eye disease and meibomian gland dysfunction patients have shown significant improvement in objective signs and subjective symptoms after using NovaTears,” Atkinson said.

“We are very pleased to see NovaTears listed on the PBS, allowing greater access to EDE sufferers, particularly those who are sensitive to preservatives.”

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