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Screening app improves children’s eyecare in Kenya

A school eye health system that uses a screening app that can be conveniently installed in a smartphone has shown promise in improving children’s eyecare in Kenya.

Based on findings published in Lancet, the clinically-tested smartphone app Peek more than doubled the proportion of children identified with visual impairment compared with standard tests.

The app, which was utilised in some school eye health programs, acts as a simulation tool showing a visual comparison of a patient’s sight and normal vision.

It then sends out an SMS notification recommending parents or guardians of children diagnosed with an eye problem to visit a nearby hospital or eyecare facility.

The results of the study showed 54% (285 out of 531) of the children referred following Peek school eye health screening attended a follow-up appointment compared to 22% (82 out of 366) of those who received standard screening.


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