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Device to launch automatic dry eye analyser

29/08/2018By Matthew Woodley
Device Technologies is set to launch a new product that can automatically diagnose various forms of dry eye in less than five minutes.

The LacryDiag, developed by Quantel Medical, will allow eyecare professionals to analyse, through non-contact exams, the ocular surface to evaluate precisely the three different layers of the tear film – aqueous, lipid and mucinic. The device can also determine the causes of the disease to help ascertain the best course of treatment.

LacryDiag works by using white, blue and infrared LEDs to analyse each layer via a different modality: interferometry for the lipid layer; the non-invasive break-up time for the mucinic layer; and measurement of the tear meniscus to assess the condition of the aqueous layer. The device also assesses the meibomian glands at the rim of the eyelid, which produce an oily material that prevents evaporation of the tear film.

“Dry eye is a real public health issue but the symptoms are often misunderstood. As a multifactorial pathology that results from damage to the tear film, it is often underdiagnosed and underestimated,” Quantel Medical CEO Mr Jean-Marc Gendre said.

“With LacryDiag, the ophthalmologists are now able to diagnose in a few minutes the three tear film layers to select a personalised treatment for the patient.”

It was presented at the World Congress of Ophthalmology in Barcelona in June, and Device Technologies’ business manager for ophthalmic diagnostic, Mr Ryan Heggie, said first orders would be available for delivery by the fourth quarter. 

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