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Alcon releases new IOL with automated delivery system

02/07/2018By Matthew Woodley
Alcon has revealed the latest addition to its intraocular lens (IOL) portfolio, as well as a next-generation delivery system designed to provide easy, intuitive control during cataract surgery.

The Clareon AutonoMe IOL and delivery system, which has been in development for more than 10 years, was officially launched at the Alcon-hosted Synergeyes clinical symposium in Sydney last week, making Australia the first country in Asia and fifth globally to receive access to the technology.

“Clareon AutonoMe builds on the comprehensive legacy of AcrySof by offering surgeons easy, intuitive control of IOL delivery with the newest optic material.”
Karen Fowler, Alcon

Alcon says the AutonoMe is the first and only automated, disposable, preloaded IOL delivery system in the world. The delivery system comes preloaded with the Clareon IOL, and its automated CO2-powered delivery mechanism, combined with an intuitive, ergonomic design is said to allow precise and simplified single-handed control of IOL insertion following cataract removal.

Ms Karen Fowler, Alcon’s country business unit head of surgical in Australia and New Zealand, said the new technology is built on the success of the AcrySof Platform, which has already been used in more than 100 million implants worldwide.

“With the introduction of Clareon AutonoMe, we are proud to commercially launch our latest innovations to benefit Australian and New Zealand surgeons and their cataract patients,” Fowler said.

“We have received great feedback from our local surgeons who have had early access to the technologies. Clareon AutonoMe builds on the comprehensive legacy of AcrySof by offering surgeons easy, intuitive control of IOL delivery with the newest optic material.”

An Alcon release described Clareon as a hydrophobic acrylic IOL made of a patented, optic polymer material, which features a proprietary precision edge design. It added that the new BioMaterial and design enabled sharp, crisp vision, while helping to reduce posterior capsule opacification and edge glare.

Product manager for Alcon ANZ Mr Patryk Kelly told Insight Clareon’s sophisticated manufacturing process, together with the proprietary biomaterial means it is the most advanced IOL in the world.

“We’ve added a chemical component into the biomaterial, as well as enhanced the manufacturing process, which leads to a reduced side effect profile. Previously, side effects including glare and dysphotopsias had been reported in other lenses that hadn’t been addressed,” Kelly said.

“It carries on the legacy a number of the features, and all of the benefits that have made AcrySof the most implanted intraocular lens in the world. Combined with a new biomaterial and advanced manufacturing process Clareon AutonoMe is set to be the new gold standard in intraocular lens technology.”

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