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Equipment, Show & Tell

Device Technologies


Device Technologies is exhibiting at both SILMO and O-Show and will present live demonstrations of Topcon Integrated Diagnostic Instruments.

The demos include efficient flow of rx data; beginning with the patient’s old script (Computerised Lensmeter) and their objection refraction (Auto-Refractor), into the subjective refraction test (Computerised Phoroptor Head), all sent to your practice management software and saved to the patient file.

Also on show is the Diagnosys Envoy performing Pattern Electroretinogram (pERG) while show specials include great savings on Heine (German made, hand-held diagnostic instruments and Binocular Indirect Ophthalmoscopes) and Frey, premium LCD visual acuity charts and Automated Perimeters.

Visit us at SILMO Sydney and the O-Show

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