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Wires lands investor for futuristic collection

London-based startup Wires Glasses has found an investor for its new line of modular sunglasses, which uses 3D printed extruded wire frames and interchangeable lenses.

The undisclosed seed investment came from Silicon Valley venture capital firm True Ventures, and will be used for Wires’ 2018 collection, as well as a direct-to-consumer marketing strategy that includes expanding its ecommerce site and exclusive boutique retail partnerships in the US and Europe.

The Wires 2018 collection features an innovative line of sunglasses made with a foundational wire frame that comes with seven different designs of lens rims in various shapes and colours. The lens rims are interchangeable and can be switched out, enabling the wearer to easily change the look of their eyewear using the same eyewear frame.

British designer Mr Yair Neuman established Wires Glasses with actress Ms Lily Cole and her partner Mr Kwame Ferreira in 2017. Alongside its modular innovation, the handmade collection also features a first-of-its-kind invisible hinge mechanism, enabling the frame to fold as a result of geometry, not screws.

“Wires is creating one of the freshest things I’ve seen in eyewear in a very long time,” True Ventures partner Mr Tony Conrad said.

“The collection is unique, and the co-founding team has this incredible mix of experience in design, fashion, and sustainability. We also like that Yair is focused on designing products that are in line with how the modern consumer thinks.”

The unisex rims are 3D-printed using extruded metal wires to reduce the amount of waste that is usually created during eyewear production, where rims and frames are traditionally cut from larger sheets of material.


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