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See the lands you love with OPSM Country Connect

Not only is optometry an amazing profession; it can take you to places where you may have never dreamed.

Optometry provides the chance to travel throughout Australia and New Zealand on short term working holidays or longer lifestyle changes. It provides eyecare professionals with many opportunities to work with new patients from all walks of life, connect with different store teams, and meet some wonderful people.

With that in mind, OPSM has launched Eyecare Country Connect to enable its optometrists to work and travel widely, and with more than 350 stores across Australia and New Zealand; there are literally hundreds of places to see!

Peter Murphy, OPSM Director of Eyecare and Community, commented: “Eyecare Country Connect is a new way of looking at our optometry team. It taps into the aspirations of our optometrists to live and work in other locations, other than their home city, with the guarantee of their previous position when they return home, if they so desire.”

Peter explains that Eyecare Country Connect offers many options, “It can be for short-term assignments of three or six months, or longer term periods of one or two years for people looking for a lifestyle change. Better still, it provides our optometrists with an incredible experience and sets them up for both personal and professional development.

“We encourage internal mobility of our optometrists across Australia and New Zealand; who knows what future opportunities may open up globally!”

An epic adventure

One person who has taken advantage of the wide network of Luxottica stores and practised in several parts of Australia is Carolyn Dingle.

Prior to taking up the optometrist position at OPSM Kingaroy in Queensland, Carolyn up and left the comforts and routine of her home in Brisbane for an adventure to Broome, Western Australia.

“During my time in Broome I felt a closer connection with the environment. I’ve never been so attuned to low-tide and high-tides, the sunsets were amazing, and dragonfly season

was incredible,” Carolyn said.


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