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HOYA reports record full-year revenue of nearly $6.5 billion

Hoya Group has achieved record full-year revenue of ¥535.6 billion (AU$6.41 b), following a 7.6% year-on-year sales increase for the fourth quarter.

The record revenues represent an 11.8% increase compared with last year, while profit for the term hit ¥99.2 billion (AU$1.18 b), 14.2% higher than FY2017.

Sales for the quarter reached ¥135.9 billion (AU$1.63 b), contributing to a quarterly pre-tax profit of ¥26.15 billion (AU$310 m) and profit of ¥19.5 billion (AU$230 m) year-on-year, which represent increases of 7.1% and 3%, respectively.

Hoya said the increased revenue was primarily due to growth in its Information Technology and Life Care segments, with sales of eyeglass lenses, contact lenses, and intraocular lenses all increasing.

“I am encouraged with the growing demands in the Information Technology segment,” Hoya CEO Mr Hiroshi Suzuki said

“For 2018, we are also expecting to achieve a 20% profit margin from ordinary operating activities in the Life Care segment.”

The positive financial results came despite Hoya recording ¥5.6 billion (AU$67 m) in impairment losses on fixed assets. However, profit growth stemming from higher revenues, productivity improvements, expense reductions, and other measures helped contribute to the company’s improved bottom line.


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