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Volunteers wanted to help with school screenings

23/05/2018By Matthew Woodley
The Essilor Vision Foundation has announced that by the end of June it will have directly screened more than 100 schools across Australia, but also asked for more help to continue its work.

The majority of school screenings have taken place in South Australia, Victoria and Queensland, however EVF said it has also supported other school screenings undertaken by individual optometrists in different states through the provision of prescription spectacles.

“The key to the success of all this activity is the outstanding support of the five schools of optometry who release penultimate and final year students to assist in screening,” EVF CEO MR Greg Johnson said.

Johnson also acknowledged “the extremely generous support of volunteer optometrists who oversee the screening and, lastly, the optometry practices who kindly undertake bulk-billed examinations of the 40% of children who need further assessment.”

The foundation CEO said it was sometimes difficult to secure optometrists and referral practices to help facilitate the screenings, and urged volunteers to come forward ahead of what he said was a particularly busy second half of the year.

Anyone interested in helping out should contact EVF via their contact us page.

Image courtesy: Flickr | Kampányfelugyelo Anita


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