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Essilor Australia begin nationwide launch tour

05/04/2018By Matthew Woodley
The first in a series of Essilor Australia’s major product launch events took place in Brisbane last week, with around 110 guests attending the special presentation at the Blackbird Bar and Grill.

The main focus of the event was the introduction of two of its latest technologies – the Varilux X Series progressive lens, and the new Crizal Sapphire UV lens coating – while it also allowed Essilor management to re-engage with eyecare professionals and forecast where the company is heading.

Chief operating officer Mr Pierre Longerna spoke at the event and detailed Essilor’s plans for the continued growth of the business in Australia, as well as outlining some proposed future initiatives. Essilor lens designer Mr Sébastien Fricker, who worked on the Varilux X Series, was a guest speaker on the night and discussed aspects of the research and potential future developments.

“Thanks to the design innovation of Xtend technology, Varilux X series lenses meet the need to see clearly at multiple distances on the same axis of vision, especially ‘within arm’s reach’.”
Pierre Longerna, Essilor chief operating officer

The Varilux X Series is designed to improve vision for presbyopes at arm’s length, a measurement defined as 40–70cm. Essilor says it has been able to ensure quality vision at every distance by re-shaping a specific zone in the lens, which in the process has overcome a typical frustration of many progressive lens wearers – having to adjust their head to find the right angle.

According to Essilor, nearly 3,000 presbyopes participated in the development of the range through focus group interviews, video selfies and new methodologies for real-life wearer testing.

“Varilux X Series progressive lenses were developed to meet the needs of all presbyopes including a new group, Generation X, who are very active in their personal and professional lives and who are avid users of digital technology devices,” Longerna said in a company release detailing the new lens.

“Thanks to the design innovation of Xtend technology, Varilux X series lenses meet the need to see clearly at multiple distances on the same axis of vision, especially ‘within arm’s reach’.”

The other product being promoted by Essilor during the tour is the Crizal Sapphire UV, which the company claims is the first anti-reflection coating designed to reduce reflections from all angles on the front and back of the lens.

“To increase the effectiveness of the anti-reflection stack a new process simultaneously calculates both surfaces, front and back, [while] a new nano-layer has been added and the thickness of the stack has been optimised,” Longerna explained.

AFT Pharmaceuticals

“Combined with a hi-index material, Crizal Sapphire UV’s E-SPF 35 UV protection helps prevent premature ageing of the soft skin around the eyes and other UV related eye conditions, while retaining all of the usual Crizal features protecting against scratches, dust, smudges, water and reflections.”

Longerna will be present at the remaining information evenings, while Fricker returned to France after the Sydney event on April 9. Both products are already available on the Australian market.

Future events:

• Wednesday, April 11 at QT Canberra

• Monday, April 16 at Beaumonde On The Point, Perth

• Wednesday, April 18 at Aerial, Food & Desire, Melbourne.

All events are from 6:30pm.


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