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Online eyewear retailer sent to prison again

An online eyewear retailer who had previously served a four-year jail term for fraud and grave threats has been sentenced to another two years in prison for continuing to threaten and intimidate customers following his initial release.

US District Court Judge Richard Sullivan, who coincidentally was the presiding judge in the initial 2012 case, said 41-year-old Vitaly Borker had made a mockery of the justice system by immediately engaging in the same behaviour upon his release that he had previously been imprisoned for.

According to The New York Post, the court heard Borker simply changed the name of his company from to, and then resumed selling inferior eyeglasses advertised as premium items, while eluding probation officers by faking proof of legal employment.

He also tried to intimidate multiple customers who had demanded refunds or refused to pay after receiving the counterfeit eyeglasses.

Borker was initially released in 2015 after being convicted of fraud and harassing customers between 2007 and 2010. Borker was found guilty of threatening customers who requested refunds for their eyewear purchases with rape and murder.

In sentencing, Judge Sullivan called Borker “incorrigible” and said he was shocked to see the 41-year-old in front of him again accused of the same charges. In addition, Borker is still to face wire and mail fraud charges stemming from his alleged actions, which could land him a 40-year prison sentence if he is found guilty.

No trial date has been set for that case, which will be held before a different judge.

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